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Bet who can do the task best, and then Prove It! There are four categories: Mad Skills (use your skill!), Know-How (use your noggin!), Fingers Crossed (it’s all about luck!) and Buddy System (teamwork!). For example, a card may read, “Bet how far you can launch a card, flicking it finger-football style!” Now the two competitors bet back and forth until one person ends the betting by saying “Prove it!”, and now the other player must perform the task to get the point! It’s fun for the whole family, but remember…It’s Easier Said Than Done! For 3 to 8 players ages 6 and up. Includes 85 2-Sided Task Cards, 15 Proof Cards, Hoop, Cup, Ball, Finger Spinner, Moe the Timer, Rules


  • It's a fun game for the whole family! Bet who can do the task better or quicker!
  • Card categories even the playing field for great intergenerational play…it's about brains, brawn, luck or teamwork!
  • The spinner tells you who you're betting against, or playing with if it's teamwork!
  • Moe the Timer adds a little wackiness watching his head tick and count down your time!
  • A fun and competitive game for 3 to 8 players ages 6 and up

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