PlayMonster Dictitious Party Games


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It's a wild game of made-up words and made-up definitions! Let's say you get the word "Farticulate." What do you think that could mean? Be as crazy, silly, dirty, etc., as you want! Everyone makes something up, and then you all vote on the best definition! There's no right or wrong answers here, only funny ones! Like the box says, "This ain't your mama's vocab." Includes 200 2-Sided Cards, 60 Voting Tokens, Timer, Scratch Pad, Pencils, Rules.


  • It's a hilarious game of fake words and made-up definitions that sound like, or look like, words you know, but they're different!
  • Let's say you get the word "Purrverse." It sounds like the word "perverse" but its spelling adds a twist! What do you think "purrverse" could mean? Everyone could interpret the weird word differently!
  • Everyone makes up definitions for the word (be funny, dirty, serious whatever you want!), and then votes for their favorite (no voting for your own!)
  • For 4 to 12 players, ages 17+
  • It's a different game each time you play, depending on who you play with and what mood you're in!

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