Play-Doh My Little Pony Rarity Style and Spin Set


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Make beautiful Play-Doh gems, jewels, and more with the Rarity Style and Spin Set! Sit Rarity at the vanity, add fancy Play-Doh jewels to her mane, then spin her around to show off her style! With a variety of decorative molds to choose from, it can be easy to create colorful accessories for multiple looks. When it's time for this fashionista to rock a new look, just squish out a fresh style! Play-Doh and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro. My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Decorate Rarity's mane with beautiful Play-Doh gems and jewels
  • Spinning vanity seat cranks out colorful hairdos
  • Includes 5 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound
  • Includes playset (unassembled), figure, 2 accessories, and 5 cans of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling Compound

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