Planet Sock Monkey® Star Harmonkey 5930

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$ 19.95 $ 26.95

A sweet and stylish singer with a big heart and sparkling personality.

"Hi y’all, I’m Star Harmonkey and I’m soooo happy to meet you! I love, love, love writing and singing songs and it makes my heart swell when I hear that my music touches others. My other favorite things in life are my hairy chihuahua Gretchen (and best friend!), my signature Ruby Sokx lipstick line (sooo hot!), and the children at the hospital where I volunteer (love those sweeties!). In my free time I enjoy going out, meeting new people, and looking for love—which is soooo hard. I won’t change who I am, and sometimes you just gotta kick a boy to the curb if he doesn’t love you for you. But I keep tryin’…I know my soul mate’s out there."

For girls wanting a moment to shine, Ages 8 & Up

10" Star Harmonkey is wearing a super cute sparkly dress and awesome cowboy boots, and comes with her favorite dazzling guitar.

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