Planet Sock Monkey® Long Sock Silver® 5931

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$ 19.95 $ 26.95

A scoundrel of a pirate, with a flair for the dramatic and a taste for grog.

"I’m Long Sock Silver, you may have heard o’ me. I be captain of the Black Banana, the biggest, beautifulest ship in the sea, to be certain! Me and me crew are a bloody force to be reckoned with, so you best not be gettin’ in our way of any booty or grog on any spit of land. I never seen mutiny on me ship (I dare say me crew fancies me their hero), and me crew begs to hear me stories of bravery and adventure, those poor scurvy dogs! We plunder this an’ that, and now I want me the fountain of youth. Not that I need it a bit, you see. But some of me mateys are lookin’ like scurvy bilge rats and I’m tired of lookin’ at ‘em. And I s’pose it wouldn’t hurt to have a sip meself, just to try a bit. Yo, ho, ho!"

For adventure-seekin’ landlubbers, Ages 8 & Up

10" Long Sock Silver is decked out in popular pirate fashion, comes with his beloved sword!

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