Planet Sock Monkey® Ima Bananerd 5935

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$ 37.95 $ 53.95

A cutely chronic nerd who’s full of self-confidence in spite of her clumsiness.

"Hello, my name is Ima Bananerd and yes, you guessed correctly, I am a bit of a nerd. It’s quite alright to say that because I am proud of my status! While I possess a wide variety of knowledge, I prefer to focus my talents in the area of science. I enjoy performing experiments and testing theories, and chemistry is the most fun! I never spill chemicals or cause unintentional explosions, which is a miracle because I usually can’t walk down the hallway without tripping on my own feet! I try to laugh it off, but it can be embarrassing! Maybe one day I’ll discover a cure for clumsiness…"

For nerds who make it cool to be smart, Ages 8 & Up

10" Ima Bananerd has a very smart outfit of comfy pants and suspenders, is wearing glasses (of course!), and comes with an adorably nerdy backpack!

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