Perisphere and Trylon Touring England RG-10040

Perisphere and Trylon

$ 21.99 


Touring England is a retro board game from the 1930's. In this fun and educational motoring game players must visit the cities and towns of 1930's England and Wales. Plan the best route to avoid the hazards! Suitable for 2 or more players, this game is fun for young and old. - A.D. Features: Classic Touring England board game Based on a game from the 1930's Fun and educational game Suitable for 2 or more players Board size: 37 x 50cm.

Perisphere and Trylon is very happy to present this Touring England Game. An all time favorite. Tour around England with this motoring game from the 1930's. Plan the best route, but take care to avoid any hazards as you drive around the map. Don’t forget to drive on he left. Recommended age 7+ years.

  • Requiring skill and judgment
  • Exciting interesting game
  • Classic vintage game
  • Great family game



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