Perisphere and Trylon Abacus RG-10054

Perisphere and Trylon

$ 29.96 


The abacus - retro board game is a traditional way for your child to work out those tricky sums. Made from sturdy wood, the abacus features five rows of different coloured beads, which can be moved along the row to help with counting. Fun and educational, this colourful counting frame will help any child to develop their maths skills. - l.m. Features: abacus - retro board game wooden construction 5 rows of coloured beads educational and fun helps with counting and sum.

Learn to count with an Abacus. A traditional Chinese counting frame which dates back to the 2nd Century BC. Made of sturdy wood with 5 rows of brightly colored beads. For ages 6 and up.



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