OWI Robot Happy Hopping Frogs-Mini Solar Kit OWI-msk672

OWI Robot

$ 16.50 $ 24.75


Almost comical, this little green amphibian friend leaps with a joyful sense of freedom. Using its hind legs and rubber feet, Happy Hopping Frog jiggles its eyes as a dog would wag its tail acknowledging its love and appreciation to its owner.  The tailless, leaping mini solar kit is activated by the power of the sun’s rays; no batteries required. Happy Hopping Frog is the next logical kit if you have already assembled the Super Solar Racing Car (OWI-MSK671) or the Frightened Grasshopper (OWI-MSK670). It demonstrates alternative energy principles. No batteries required and have approximately twenty-five parts to assemble.

Awards: Machine Digest Online Editor's Pick for Educational Toys

Age: 10+
Dimensions:2.6x1.8x1.7in; Solar Panel Output: 1.1V x 75mA Motor: DC; Power Consumption: 1.2V x 10mA


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