OWI Robot Green Energy & Robotics Technology Curriculum OWI-grncur

OWI Robot

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Challenge young minds to grow through further exploration of the fast-changing worlds of green energy and robotics! Expand educational horizons by supplementing OWI green energy kits (mini-solar, 
salt water fuel cell, & wind) and OWI robot kits with relevant critical issues, experiments, science and 
technology! At home or at school, this 2 in 1 curriculum gold mine offers exceptional enrichment opportunities that are comprehensive, in-depth, and ready-to-use! Learn on-screen or make printed copies for supervised or self-paced instruction. Ideal for learning at home, robot clubs, science museums 
or classroom instruction. 112 pages of programmed learning, questions, experiments, and answer 
keys. PC and Mac compatible. For ages 10 and up.
Enrichment for OWI mini-solar, wind, and salt water fuel cell kits:
• Understanding the global energy crisis 
• The world of energy needs: Your help!
• Global arithmetic: Energy production and consumption 
• How to engineer a green energy future 
• Career opportunities in green energy! 
• How does it work?
– Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology 
– Wind turbine technology 
– Electrical energy storage technology
– Fuel cell and flow battery technology
Enrichment for OWI robot kits:
• Why green energy needs robotics! 
• Differences between androids, automatons, teleoperators, and robots
• How does a robot system work? 
• Characteristics of industrial robots
• Activities for Hyper Peppy, Jungle Robot, Moonwalker II, Binary Player, and 3 in 1 All Terrain 

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