OWI Magnetic Levitation Express Mag-Lev Train


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Magnetic Levitation Technology Welcome to kids train sets of the future technology used around the world. These scientifically placed magnetic strips are built in the side of the guide way to allow the Magnetic Levitation Express to hover while running smoothly at high speeds. Level of Difficulty Ideal for those who love to build intricate models. This train is not an assembled toy. The user(s) will need to pay attention to details in the instructional manual or videos while assembling 155 components. An average estimate for assemble is four hours or more. We recommend a parent working with the child to assemble together. STEM Toys for Boys or Girls The user can learn the basic principles of how magnets repel attract each other. Experts believe that the retention of a learning experience is multiplied if people can coordinate reading with actual hands on experience. It is ideal for a DIY project, science fair, after school, or summer workshop. Dimensions Train 10.87 inch x 1.44 inch x 1.17 inch Rail Kit 29 inch x 17.72 inch x 1.34 inch Not Included Two AAA batteries Phillips screwdriver (small point) Diagonal cutter pliers (to separate the parts from the molds) Award Winning Best Toy for Kids Creative Child Award – 2017 – Top Toy of The Year Award

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