Over the Ear Cuff Style Earring Wrap with Pave Crystal Dangles 4323E-S


$ 21.99 $ 28.99


Mariell's super cool crystal earring wrap jumps on the latest trend in fashion jewelry - the ear cuff. This ear wrap is a single earring to be worn on your right ear (yes, you wear only ONE earring) so simply slip it on one ear and you're good to go. If you feel naked on the other side, feel free to pair it with a simple stud on the other ear...but the one side earring IS the style so once you "wrap" your mind around a single earring, you'll fall in love with this new earring wrap. But our version simply slips over one ear without the need for any side cuff, clip or post. It simply rests over the ear (think "bluetooth headset") and with the help of a great design (and the force of gravity), this earring wrap will give your fashion-seeking prom or homecoming customers the latest in ear jewelry. It doesn't get more chic than our 2 1/2" h single earring wrap with 1" h pave dangles. Wear your hair up or tucked behind one ear and slip the earring wrap over the top of your ear. Thanks to a clever design, the wrap stays in place without a post or side cuff.

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