Originals - S9 Sedan Blue-Green AU002 by Automoblox


$ 54.00 $ 60.00


Equipped with large twelve-spoke chrome rims, rich blue-green low-profile tires and an elegant roofline, the 2016 S9 exudes coolness. With 4-passenger seating and an extra body block that lengthens the wheel-base, we’ve added more versatility to the Automoblox® line-up. Dramatic headlight and taillights add distinction to any car a child might create.

20 Mix & Match Components 1 Automoblox® figure

MATERIALS - European beech wood, polycarbonate, ABS, TPR COLOR - blue/grenn

AGE - 3+

MC - 3 L195mm/7.65in W114mm/4.50in H74mm/2.90in FEATURING: interchangeable Brembo brake assemblies

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