Nubra Women's Extenders, 2 Clips


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NuBra extenders N110 are clear plastic extender clips for use with NuBra adhesive bras._ The standard NuBra fit is for a 34 to 36 band size. Attach 1 or 2 clips to the middle clasp of a NuBra for a more comfortable fit for larger band sizes.


  • N110: Two (2) extender clips in one package
  • Helps extend the NuBra center clasp to add additional band width in the front closure.
  • Use one or two clips to get a more comfortable fit with your NuBra when your regular band size is 38 and up.
  • Clips only work with the patented middle clasp design of authentic NuBras made by Bragel USA
  • adhesive bra plus size

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