NuBra Soft Travel Case, Black


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This resistant high-impact shell case is an essential item to help protect your bras The case helps to deter dust, lint, and wetness. Recommended for silicone bras. Discreet, durable case with zipper closure. Internal dividers keep bra cups from sticking to each other. Stores each cup separately. Keep your bras organized on the go and forget about smashing, crushing or reshaping your wires Sophisticated and stylish design. Great for traveling or at-home storage. High fashion design flexible travel case. Use the NuBra travel case to store your silicone NuBra instead of the flat trays of the original product packaging.


  • Helps keep the your bra free of dirt, dust and lint
  • Discreet, durable case with zipper closure and center divider to keep cups separated
  • This flexible case protects your bra from crushing and contact with other items
  • Perfect for traveling or at-home storage of your bra
  • Accommodates NuBra cup sizes A through C

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