NuBra Original Silicone Strapless Adhesive Bra Cups N108


$ 65.00 $ 108.50


The bra that started it all.
Made of silicone for a soft, natural feel.
Enhances the bustline.
Skin-friendly silicone adhesive is secure and reusable.
Center clasp for adjustable cleavage enhancement.
NuBra is 100% made in USA

Totally free from any strap and side extension!!

Silicone bra cups for the most natural feel and look.
Self adhesive, self-supportive.
Washable, reusable.
Totally backless, strapless and invisible under any sheer clothing.
Front closure for cleavage and lift.
Two separate bra cups to allow you the most flexibility of your body movement.
Easy to use, easy to clean.
Special adhesive tested by the lab and proven to be safe and skin friendly.

Colors: Nude, Clear, Pink, Mocha, Black, Blue, Green

Sizes: A, B or C

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