New Metro Design JuiceLab, Manual-Style Citrus Juicer, White


$ 17.95 $ 949.99

BeaterBlade's Juice Lab juices lemons and limes effortlessly and stores up to 5-Ounce. of liquid. The reamer head is specially designed for minimal effort, maximum results and snaps off easily for cleaning. The base has a non-skid ring, is perfectly balanced for pouring and has marks for precise measuring. It comes with a pressure sensitive measuring and storage cap. The container's ergonomically slim and lightweight design allows for easy holding and optimum leverage when extracting juice from both large and small citrus fruits.


  • Convenient features include a drip free pouring spout and measuring marks in cups, ounces and milliliters
  • The non-slip ring on the base prevents slipping from counters
  • This reamer is sturdy, tight fitting and well designed so the strainer catches almost all pulp
  • The measuring cap also doubles as a lid
  • This juicer holds up to 5 ounces of liquid and is dishwasher safe

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