Nerf Rebelle The Divergent Series Allegiant Training Kit

Nerf Rebelle

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The Divergent Series has captured our hearts and imaginations with its post-apocalyptic story of a courageous young girl named Tris. With the Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Training Kit, kids can launch into their own adventures. Set up the 2 targets to practice aiming and firing the blaster. Compete with friends to hit a bullseye or knock down the targets with the foam darts. With its sleek design, vibrant colors, and Divergent series deco, the Nerf Rebelle Allegiant Training Kit blaster and targets are great for Dauntless fighters everywhere. A sticker sheet with Divergent Series faction symbols is included. Take up the fight for truth with the Allegiant Training Kit from Nerf Rebelle! TM and Copyright 2015 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Nerf Rebelle and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Fires darts up to 75 feet (22 meters)
  • Knock down the targets
  • Features a sticker sheet of Divergent series faction symbols
  • Includes blaster, 4 darts, 2 targets, 2 target stands, sticker sheet, and instructions

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