Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow


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Product Description Unleash Mega power with a lightning strike of Mega Whistler darts! This dart-firing bow from Nerf features powerful bow action. Load a Mega Whistler dart into the front of the bow, pull the string back, and release the string to send the dart screaming through air up to 85 feet (26 meters). Store as many as 4 Mega darts on the blaster to reload rapidly during battle. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro. Brand Story By Nerf


  • Powerful bow action
  • Store darts on the 2 dart holders
  • Built-in targeting sight. No tools needed
  • Fires Mega darts up to 85 feet (26 meters)
  • Includes blaster, dart holders (2), 4 Mega darts, and instructions.

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