Mirari Shellby -- Droppin', Poppin', Rollin' Fun Ball Toy


$ 29.24 

The adorable snail is full of fun! Drop the balls into the shell and watch them pop out of Shellby's mouth when you tap the tail, or when you roll Shellby along the floor! Includes four nearly-2" balls for lots of droppin', poppin', rollin' fun! For ages 9 month and up! This toy grows with your child--younger children have fun with the ball play, as they get older they can roll Shellby along and chase the balls that pop out, and then when they're even older they can press the tail to make balls pop out, too!


  • Children pick up the nearly-2" balls and drop them into Shellby's shell!
  • See-through part of the shell lets children see the colorful balls inside
  • Shellby has wheels for fun snail push play!
  • Press down on the snail's tail, or roll Shellby along the floor, and balls pop out of Shellby's mouth!
  • For ages 9 months and up! Shellby's play features allow children to grow with the toy and experience different play patterns at different stages of development!

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