Mirari® Glow to Sleep 8070

Play Monster

$ 55.95 $ 80.95

Musical soother with calming sounds and soft lights!

• Included sounds: babbling brook, car ride, heartbeat, lullaby, soft rain, rainforest, rumbling train, ocean waves, white noise, shushing.
• Use the Bluetooth® feature to play your own sounds, songs and stories; compatible with any Bluetooth-capable device.
• SD card slot also allows you to customize using your own micro SD card.
• The gentle lights soothe baby, and are also a convenient night-light for parents peeking in!
• On/off options for lights; volume control for sound.
• Micro USB cable and rechargeable backup lithium battery included.
• Easy to operate!

The Wonder of Family
Families deserve to enjoy their time together, and Mirari makes those treasured moments easier to capture. Mirari, from the Latin word for “wonder,” offers solutions to help your family get a better, more restful night’s sleep, so that your day together is spent experiencing the wonder of playtime. Cherish these Mirari moments, because a world of wonder begins with enjoying the wonder of family.

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