Minicraft Deluxe Mini Steve ON Saddled Pig Figure


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In the world of Minecraft, characters can ride on llamas, donkeys, pigs, and more. Now our Deluxe Mini Figure Riders let you play out that riding action in the real world! Assortment includes six rider characters plus the mob characters they ride—that’s two Mini Figures in one! Fans will have a blast playing out Minecraft scenes and inventing their own stories with these delightfully designed figures that stay true to the look of Minecraft. Choose from Steve on Saddled Pig, Alex on Armored Horse, Steve on Donkey, Wither with Jockey, Alex on Llama, and Skeleton Rider (each pair sold separately), and build a collection of dynamic riding pairs. Great for collecting and trading, and they make great gifts for Minecraft fans! Colors and decorations may vary.

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