Minecraft Village Biome Pack


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This exciting new Minecraft mini figure multi-Pack is perfect for the creative imaginations of the Minecraft community. Includes 6 mini-figures and 6 exclusive accessories—all designed with authentic, true-to-game Minecraft details. Pack includes Minecraft mini figure favorites like Alex with Enchanted Armor, Zombie Pigman, and Attacking Ghast. Also included are super cool accessories that you can’t find anywhere else, like Nether Fence, Glowstone, and Magma Cubes. This Nether pack also comes in window box diorama packaging that you can use for play. What a great way to collect your Minecraft favorites and build out your Minecraft world! and these mini-figures are great for trading with other members of the Minecraft community, so start exploring the world of Minecraft mini-figures today!


  • New Mini-Figure Nether Biome Pack features 6 mini-figures and 6 exclusive accessories for play and storytelling
  • Features Mini-Figures based on Minecraft favorite characters and all new accessories from the Nether biome
  • Includes Alex with Enchanted Armor, Zombie Pigman, Attacking Ghast and more
  • Also includes super cool accessories like Nether Fence, Glowstone, Magma Cubes, and more
  • Window box packaging with diorama detail for storytelling fun

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