Minecraft Alex vs Fire-Breathing Ghast Battle in a Box


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Now you can create your own showdown with the Flying Ghast! Choose from Ghast with Alex or Ghast with Steve (pairings sold separately, subject to availability) Each Ghast comes with either Steve or Alex. The Ghast shoots disks, just like the fireball he shoots in the game, as his eyes and mouth go fiery red! Alex comes in fully enchanted armor with an enchanted sword. Steve comes in diamond armor with a diamond sword. Both have customizable shields and have attack action movement when you press the trigger in the back! Ghast is fully scaled and can operate in either passive mode or attack mode. Use the handle in his back to fly him around and watch his face transform from passive to attack mode as he fires fireball discs. Ghast fires one disc at a time and can hold up to 10 discs! Get ready for epic battles with these game-authentic Minecraft characters! Colors and decorations may vary.


  • Recreate epic battles as Ghast clashes with either Steve or Alex (sold separately, subject to availability)!
  • Alex comes in fully enchanted armor with an enchanted sword. Steve wears Diamond armor
  • Both Steve and Alex have customizable shields just like in the game!
  • “Fly” Ghast around by holding his handle and watch his face switch from Passive to attack mode as he shoots up to ten fireball discs
  • You’ll have a blast creating Minecraft scenes with these detailed and game-authentic characters!

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