Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic Car Loader + Free Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle [93903]

Melissa & Doug

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Melissa & Doug creates yet another great toy for your beloved little one. This big red rig has a magnetic arm that can reach every car on its trailer! It's one terrific wooden vehicle set with so much to offer: Link up the trailer to the car carrier to take the four magnet-topped cars for a drive, then unload each one at its destination. Sort and sequence the wooden cars-each one has a unique color, stripe and number to inspire playful counting, sorting and sequencing activities. Then load the cars again and roll out! Car- and truck-loving kids will love discovering endless play possibilities as they roll this wooden truck toy all around the house and to the ends of their imaginations. The tough vehicles have sturdy wooden chassis and smooth-rolling wheels, so they'll stand up to countless deliveries and road trips. And maneuvering the articulated arm is easy to do, great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and so much fun! This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC9N2740-000077209U03 (Wooden Magnetic Car Loader)• BCC9NW03-000077202Z61 (Butterfly Stacker: Wooden Classic Toy Series)• BCC9N1958-0000772045803 (Lock and Roll Rescue Garage)• BCC9N1880-00007720409H (Wooden Horse Carrier Toy)• BCC955H85-0000772045R0 (Wooden Garbage Truck)• BCC955H78-0000772051804 (Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck)• BCC955H61-00007720317H (Wooden 6-Vehicle and 9-Traffic Signs Play Set)• BCC955H54-0000772045452 (Wooden Farm Train Classic Toy)• BCC955H47-0000772030212 (Frolicking Frog Pull Toy)• BCC955H30-0000772005722 (Wooden Stacking Train Classic Toy)


  • ONE FREE Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Mini-Pad is bundled with this item. The style of the mini-pad you receive is randomly picked.
  • Another great toy from Melissa & Doug for early childhood
  • Comes with a red truck with magnetic arm, a car-carrier trailer and 4 magnetic wooden cars
  • Unique colors and numbers on each car inspire counting, sorting and sequencing
  • Great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. For age 3+

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