Melissa & Doug Rainbow Garden 'Stained Glass': Peel & Press Sticker by Number Series & 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (04264)

Melissa & Doug

$ 29.99 

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Melissa & Doug creates yet another great toy for your beloved little one. Part sticker set, part artistic craft by number, the Peel & Press Sticker series allow your loved little one to practice his/her numbering and artistic skills. Young artists can complete this see through window art kit with a set of shimmering stickers - premounted in ready-to-hang wooden frame. Includes 80+ shimmering stickers, a ready-to-hang wooden frame The Peel & Press series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC9558F7-000077204XN (Dinosaur)• BCC9558880-00007720941Q (Fairy: Puffy Sticker Play Set)• BCC95588G-00007720P021 (Butterfly Garden)• BCC9558E6-000077204X87 (Sweetheart Treasure Box)• BCC95588O-000077204X94 (Flower Garden Fairy)• BCC9558842-0000772031882 (Rain Forest)• BCC9558D5-0000772031A5 (Safari)• BCC9558828-0000772031820 (Kittens)• BCC9558811-0000772094Y9 (Mermaid)

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