Melissa & Doug Race Car Bank: Decorate-Your-Own Kit & 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (08863)

Melissa & Doug

$ 22.49 

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Race to save your change with this cool race car bank! Everything you need is included: 36 stickers, 6 pots of colors and an easy-to-clean brush. Resin bank measures approximately 2.25" high This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC9O0644-00007720457O (Wooden Race Car Create-Your-Craft Kit) • BCC961Z15-00007720V702 (Wooden Race Car Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC961Z08-00007720V818 (Wooden Train Decorate-Your-Own Kit - 23818) • BCC9N9244-0000772045H6 (Wooden Train Decorate-Your-Own Kit - 45766) • BCC9611585-00007720S3X (Race Car Bank Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC9611578-00007720SS6 (Wooden Flower Chest Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC9611N1-00007720S3P (Wooden Butterfly Chest Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC9611554-00007720S350 (Wooden Princess Wand Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC9611547-00007720S374 (Petite Purse Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC9611M0-00007720SU8 (Wooden Jet Plane Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC96115Z-00007720S404 (Princess Tiara Decorate-Your-Own Kit) • BCC95057Z-000077209V88 (Angel, Dove & Cross Canvas) • BCC950N55-000077208ES (Race Car Bank)

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