Melissa & Doug Fairy Tale Friends Hand Puppets (Set of 4) - Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Grandmother, and Woodsman and Zoo Friends Hand Puppets (Set of 4) - Elephant, Giraffe, Tiger, and Monkey

Melissa & Doug

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Puppet Play This quartet of simple hand puppets is a great way to lend a hand to kids who are learning to express themselves. Sized to fit both adults and children, these puppets are perfect for role-playing and story-telling. The set features four themed fabric puppets (zoo friends include an elephant, giraffe, tiger, and monkey) that are machine washable and made of quality, long-lasting material. Puppet play inspires countless creative stories and amazing imaginary adventures. These simple glove puppets fit children and most adults and are easy to use, so even the littlest puppeteers can see exciting movement with very little skill -- terrific for self-confidence, and also an invaluable booster for motor skills and communication skills. Let these cuddly characters help children act out scenes, tell stories, practice new words, and talk about emotions. These hand puppets are a playful way to build vocabulary, dexterity, creativity, and imagination! This four-piece hand-puppet set makes it easy for children and caregivers to role-play together! Four simple glove puppets in a coordinated theme can act out a scene together, or be used separately for simple puppet play. Either way, they are great for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, parent-child bonding, and so much more! Made with brightly patterned, washable fabrics and built to last, these soft and sweet hand puppets are sure to be go-to toys for years to come. Fairy Tale Time Hand Puppets include characters from a classic story--Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf, a woodsman, and Grandmother.

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