Melissa & Doug Fairy Fantasy: Scratch Art Stickers Pack & 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (05826)

Melissa & Doug

$ 14.99 $ 949.99


With a Scratch Art Party Pack, you can host a party that brings up everyone's inner creativity. Each Scratch Art Stickers Pack includes all the materials to finish an art & craft project of one related theme with rainbow, or silver holographic color background through scratching out the surface. Just use the included stylus sticks to etch into the black color surface, revealing coloring effects with every stroke. Includes: 20 Scratch Art stickers, 1 wooden stylus stylus.

This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY):
• BCC9558408-0000772058032 (Silver Holographic)
• BCC955D92-00007720580N (Rainbow Holographic)
• BCC955D85-0000772058W1 (Fairy Fantasy)
• BCC955D78-0000772058285 (Birthday)
• BCC955D61-0000772058858 (Butterfly)
• BCC955D54-0000772058872 (Hummingbird)
• BCC955D47-0000772058F6 (Fish)
• BCC955D30-0000772058506 (Mani-Pedi)

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