Melissa & Doug Dragon: Stained Glass Made Easy Series & 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (09289)

Melissa & Doug

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This peel-and-press sticker craft gives kids everything they need to easily create a spectacular piece of "stained glass" art. Just hold up the sheet of colored stickers to the clear frame, peel them off one at a time, and stick them on. Grooves and outlines on the frame make it easy to fit each sticker --featuring realistic textures like bubbles or swirls -- into just the right spot. Use the included cord and suction cup to hang the finished artwork in a sunny window to see the remarkable dragon shimmer to life. Young artists will be enchanted by the results and proud to show them off!. This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC9M65P-000077209P68 (Safari) • BCC9M6420-000077209P51 (Princess) • BCC95Z354-000077209X68 (Owl) • BCC95Z347-000077209X20 (Mermaid) • BCC95ZS0-000077209XC (Unicorn) • BCC9514282-000077209X51 (Butterfly) • BCC9514275-0000772092F0 (Dragon)


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