Melissa & Doug Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle (Alphabet, Numbers and Fish Colors)

Melissa & Doug

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Product Description Calling all kids age 3 and up for a playdate with a trio of appealing, vibrant, and eye-opening wooden peg puzzles! All three puzzles are made with durable wood construction and topped off with easy-grasp pegs. They are delightfully and colorfully illustrated, including graphics below each puzzle piece. Themes include A-B-C, 1-2-3, and "what color do you see"? Young kids will play and learn the alphabet, numbers, and colors without even realizing it! Puzzle play promotes hand-eye, fine motor, and problem solving skills. The colorful graphics under each puzzle piece transform these into great matching activities for young kids. The color puzzle, for example, features ten adorable fish with a spectrum of enticing colors. In this puzzle, each piece can fit into each space, so kids need to actually perceive and match the colors to place the pieces correctly. The number puzzle helps promote number recognition and even basic counting skills. Below each numbered peg is a bright illustration showing the same number of items as the numeral on the piece, making this puzzle great for matching the numeral to the actual quantity, but also for telling stories, playing guessing games, and more. The alphabet puzzle helps develop letter recognition and even pre-reading skills. It features 26 wooden pieces, under each of which is a charming illustration of a word that begins with the same letter, teaching kids to associate the letter with the sound it makes. For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood play.” Today, Melissa & Doug is proudly partnering with the American Academy of Pediatrics to foster early brain development and help children build important life skills through play. Melissa & Doug Brand Story By Melissa & Doug From the Manufacturer From classic wooden toys to crafts, pretend play, and games, Melissa & Doug products provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose. Since the company’s founding more than 25 years ago, Melissa & Doug has consistently delivered innovative products that inspire open-ended thinking, encourage kids to see new possibilities, and offer Countless Ways to Play. It’s part of a bigger vision to Take Back Childhood. Because by giving children a true childhood with the space and freedom to explore their world, we give them a path to realizing their full potential!


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