Mega Construx American Girl Grace's 2-In-1 Day in Paris Construction Set FDY97


$ 72.23 $ 105.37


No construction project is too big for Transforming Scoop! Everyone's favorite backhoe loader is now a massive mega-size talking vehicle that converts into an entire construction playset in a few simple steps! Once little builders help Scoop transform from vehicle mode to playset mode, they can then place the Bob the Builder™ figure right on top so he can oversee the project. If he needs help around the site, Scoop can carry and transport up to 12 die-cast Bob the Builder™ vehicles (sold separately and subject to availability)! The retractable crane can pick up the vehicles and drop them to another area. The back fenders of scoop come off and can be used as observation decks for the vehicles to wait to be picked up by the crane. Lift the caution gate at the top of the ramp and send Muck down to the worksite and exit out the breakway door! The vehicles can also be stored inside the playset garage. Kids can lower the ramp so the vehicles can be loaded into the garage and can be easily rolled out and unloaded.

  • Two adventurous choices with this deluxe 2-in-1 building set: Grace's Day in Paris, or her Holiday Hotel!
  • Buildable Parisian market promenade or hotel
  • Rebuild for two unique playsets in one package!
  • Buildable areas include fruiterie, creperie, terasse, hotel lobby, and hotel room
  • Two buildable, highly detailed, fully articulated mini figures includes Grace and Sylvie, in travel attire, plus Bonbon the French bulldog
  • 8 - 12 years
  • 2.8 x 18 x 10.3 inches

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