Mattel Snappy Dressers Card Game FMN69

Fisher Price

$ 14.95 $ 19.45


Snappy Dressers cards show quirky and delightful animal characters dressed in the snappiest of outfits! You can take this rugged version of Snappy Dressers on all your travels thanks to durable plastic cards that resist water. All cards in the deck match every card in EXACTLY one way.  Ten rules are provided with the deck, all rooted in how fast you can spot a match. However, an unlimited number of games can be created promoting creativity and imagination! Do two cards show the same animal? That’s a match. Are two different animals wearing the same color shirt? That’s a match. Are different animal characters holding the same gift? That’s a match! There are lots of matching combinations in these beautifully rendered designs of animal hipsters in funky outfits. Giraffes, zebras, owls, and sloths are just some of the snazzy creatures who fill this game with personality! This fast-paced game is fun for families because a kid with a quick eye is a match for any adult. There are even ways for a single player to play games with Snappy Dressers cards. The possibilities are endless, especially with durable, water-resistant cards that you can play with on a campground, poolside, or anywhere else you like in the great outdoors! Includes 53 cards and instructions for 10 games, but there are unlimited possibilities for gameplay. Great for age 7 and up! Colors and decorations may vary.

    • Five blocks to stack & nest from big to little
    • Numbers, colors, characters, objects and textures for baby to discover on each block
    • Stacking play helps baby develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
    • Easy to stack, giving baby a feeling of self-confidence
    • Encourages thinking & problem solving as baby figures out how to stack & nest
    • 0.8 x 3.7 x 8 inches
    • 7 - 11 years

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