Mattel Snappy Dressers Card Game FDM54


$ 11.25 $ 13.90


Scoop isn't just a hardworking digger; he's also Bob's best friend. Since day one, Bob and Scoop's construction projects have been built on strong foundations of teamwork, friendship, and of course some dirt and cement, too! Create your own construction adventures with this Bob figure and rolling Scoop toy, because when Bob and Scoop are together, they have so much fun getting the job done!

  • imported
  • ​It's a delightful deck of cards in which every card matches in one way with every other card in the deck
  • ​Players try to quickly identify a match between two cards, such as types of animal, items of clothing, or the gifts in the characters' hands
  • ​Cards are beautifully designed with interesting animals like sloth, panda, and fox—dressed in funky, cool outfits
  • There are 10 ways to play, including a game for one player only
  • It's a great family game—for players age 7 and up! ​
  • 0.8 x 3.6 x 5.8 inches

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