Power Wheels Boomerang 12 Volt Ride On - Blue FLC33


$ 605.93 $ 905.92

  • The Power Wheels Boomerang vehicle is a young racer's dream, allowing kids to tilt and spin into awesome, fully controlled drifts. This rad ride-on powers over different terrains and races at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour in the forward direction, maximum 2.5 miles per hour in reverse. For added security, it features an adjustable seat, seatbelt, high sides, and Power-Lock brakes.

  • Designed to tilt and spin into a kid-controlled power drift for a unique, exciting driving experience All-wheel drive lets you navigate over grass, rough terrain and hard surfaces Dart around the yard at up to 5 mph going forward and up to 2.5 mph in reverse Power-Lock brakes help keep you safe throughout every adventure Seat belt, high sides and an adjustable seat for secure turns Stylish blue color Requires one 12V battery (included)

    • 49 x 29.4 x 18.2 inches
    • Recommended for ages 5 - 10 years
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