MatteL Minecraft Wither Warfare Multipack FCW12


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Based on the popular Minecraft video game, this story pack brings Minecraft to life! Multi Pack includes 1 deluxe, over-sized Wither figure that comes with a removable flying base and has 3 articulated heads. Just like in the game, he can fire a destructive Wither Skull from the center head—and the skull fits the other included figures! The set also comes with three 5” feature figures, including our heroes, Steve and Alex, who are geared up for battle, and a Wither Skeleton figure. Alex comes with an exclusive Enchanted Bow and Potion tipped arrow, and Steve comes with a new full set of Diamond Armor and Diamond Sword! In addition, Alex and Steve are equipped with a healing potion and the powerful golden apple to help them survive the battle. This is a great battle-ready box set that equips any Minecraft fan to weave countless tales of excitement and adventure!

  • Wither Warfare Mode Story Pack brings Minecraft to life!
  • Story-telling Minecraft multi pack with figures in 5-inch scale!
  • Includes Wither deluxe figure who can fire a destructive Wither Skull!
  • Also includes 5” Alex and Steve figures, and a 5” Wither Skeleton, plus additional accessories to build your story of battle.
  • Authentically designed Story Pack stays true to the Minecraft video experience and offers endless storytelling fun – a must-have set for the Minecraft enthusiast!
  • 3.5 x 20 x 8 inches
  • Ages: 6+

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