Mattel Minecraft Mini-Figure Nether Collector Case Accessory DWV91


$ 65.81 $ 95.74


​Based on the Minecraft video game, this multi-level Nether-themed Collector Case includes six mini figures that bring the Minecraft experience to life! Now you have a way to safely store and display all your collectible Mini Figures! Collector case holds 32 mini figures and comes with Steve (with diamond armor), Alex (with enchanted armor), Blaze, Zombie Pigman, Magma Cube, and Wither Skeleton! Turn the display side over to reveal a Minecraft-inspired Nether environment that even includes a portal! Close the case and carry it by the handle - the world of Minecraft goes where you go!

  • Multi-level Collector Case includes six Minecraft mini figures!
  • ​Case holds a total of 32 treasured characters from the Minecraft universe
  • Safely store and display all your collectible Mini Figures!
  • ​Turn the display case over and find a Nether environment (that includes a portal) for hours of imaginative play!
  • ​Close the case and carry it anywhere!
  • 16 x 3.2 x 7 inches
  •  6 - 10 years

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