Mattel Matchbox™ Elite Rescue™ Squid Fleet Marine Boat DML54


$ 60.55 $ 87.85


When ordinary rescue vehicles won't be able to manage the threat of a Giant Squid send out the Elite Rescue™ Squid Marine™ Boat. Get ready for authentic land and water adventures! This exciting, colorful play set features tons of piece count and accessories for hours of realistic rescue action. The large scale vehicle rolls on land and floats on water and features a rotating crane arm, flight deck or onloading ramp for your Matchbox™ cars and planes, a water squirting helicopter, water squirting Giant Squid, a detachable mini submarine with articulated arms to catch the squid and a hidden cage for the squid when you complete the mission!


  • Dimensions: 9 x 21 x 10"
  • Ages: 4 & up

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