Mattel Hot Wheels 2017 Marvel Spider-Man Bundle of 7 or One Unit DWD14


$ 17.57 $ 23.38


Includes: Power Rage, Teegray, Power Bomb, Jaded, Golden Arrow, Drift King, Scoopa Di Fuego (Chase)

  • Includes: 7 individually packaged 1:64 scaled die-cast vehicles.
  • 1/6-Power Rage (Spider-Man) in blue, 2/6 Teegray (Spider-Man) in red, 3/6 Power Bomb (Vulture vs. Spider-Man) in gray, 4/6 Jaded (Scorpion vs. Spider-Man) in green, 5/6 Golden Arrow (Shocker vs. Spider-Man) in yellow, 6/6 Drift King (Spider-Man vs. Prowler) in green and purple.
  • The 7th car Scoopa Di Fuego in white is short-printed and not numbered.
  • 1, 2, and 7 represent Spider-Man from the 2017 movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.  3-6 represent comic battles.
  • Can be sold separately
  • 3 months and up

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