Mattel Fisher-Price Girls Minnie's Happy Helpers Minnie's Stylin' Pet Center Toy DTR32


$ 23.65 


Minnie's happy helpers are running their very own pet salon and now your child can come along and join Minnie Mouse in the adventure! your child can take Minnie along for an on-the-go happy helpers adventure with this portable 2-in-1 pet salon playset. Open up the purse to reveal Minnie, Figaro, and four areas of play. Figaro's fur is out of control and he needs Minnie's help to get his frisky look back. Figaro can wait at the top in the pet sitting area until it's his turn for grooming. Then Minnie can prep him in the bath tub and bring him to the styling chair and go to work snipping, trimming, and primping. Finally, Minnie can bring Figaro to the vanity to show him his paws-itively perfect new look! when your child is done playing, store all the pieces inside, fold up the playset, and it becomes a pretty purse that your child can take wherever they go. There's no job too big or small for Minnie's happy helpers!.

  • Playset folds into a purse with carry handle
  • Includes poseable Minnie figure and Figaro
  • Accessories include bath tub, styling chair, and vanity
  • ​4 areas of play
  • 13.5 x 3.2 x 9 inches
  • 24 months - 6 years

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