Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Wise Cracking Spidey Mask


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Taunt the bad guys as your favorite wall-crawling superhero with the Wise Cracking Spidey Mask! This cool electronic mask lets you take on the identity of Spider-Man. With this electronic mask on your face, you can hide your own identity and adopt the web-slinger’s tough persona! At just the right moment in the battle, you can activate the mask’s sounds and phrases with your chin and make the mask say things like “Whoa, spider sense is going crazy” and “Watch out, I’m swinging here!” Villains everywhere will run at the sight and sound of you in your Wise Cracking Spidey Mask! Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V.


  • Electronic hero mask lets you look like Spider-Man
  • Taunt the bad guys with more than 20 phrases and sounds
  • Hide your own identity and take on the wall-crawler’s
  • Adjustable straps and chin pad
  • Chin activated

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