Marvel Captain America Bunker


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Product Description When Iron Man and Captain America face off, it's an ultimate hero matchup--and there's no knowing who will be the victor! It's time to choose a side and get ready to jump into the action. This isn't just a battle for justice; it's a battle that will change the course of history for Super Heroes and Villains forever! With this Captain America Bunker playset, kids can imagine Captain America building up his defenses to fight off the opposition. Playset includes a launcher and projectile, so kids can imagine firing back at enemies. But watch out! If a missile hits one of the targets, the Captain America figure and other bunker objects could be sent flying! Copyright 2015 Marvel. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Brand Story By Marvel


  • Missile launcher helps fight off intruders
  • Hit targets to knock out enemies
  • Included Captain America figure fits inside secret capsule
  • Includes playset, 1 Captain America figure, 7 accessories, cardboard backdrop, label sheet, and instructions.

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