Making Slime Art Kit for Girls and Boys Toys - Slime Making Kit for Kids - DIY Slime for Children - Ultimate Fluffy Slime Kit for Boys - Educational Arts and Crafts Activity Set Ages 7-12


$ 53.96 

Spark Your Kids’ Interest In Science With A Creative Activity Set! On a rainy summer afternoon or a chilling winter Sunday outdoor play is out of the question. And this is where young kids’ nagging begins! The countless toy cars and dolls in their room cannot attract their attention anymore. And the tablet or laptop screens are not a good choice, as they cause addiction. An interactive toy set seems to be the only way to keep your kid happy – and this is where our amazing slime making kit comes in! Introducing The Elite DIY Slime Making Kit For Kids by Be Amazing! Toys Offer your children the chance to explore the fascinating science world with a slime making kit designed for children aged 8 years and above! Let your kids choose the colorful slimes of his preference, match and mix them to produce unique super slime creations that bear their signature. Introduce them to the secrets of Polymers, fan their interest in chemistry and help them love science. Learn all about polymers by mixing two liquids together to make some amazing goo. then you'll mix and match colors to find the combination you like. watch as your Super slime turns into a Super slime masterpiece. Including all children need to create slime, our DIY slime kit will blow your boy’s or girl’s mind. Open the box and hand your kids the materials for long hours of creative activities. Keep them happy in their room, the long car rides, the playdate or at the backyard birthday party!

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