Magnetic SuperMind (Magnetic Edition)


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Magnetic SuperMind is the magnetic version of the original award winning SuperMind. It's the sequel to basic MightyMind. It's been making kids super smart since 1979. Parents can actually see their child getting smarter and smarter as their child is playing, because the unique numbered puzzle system is like a measuring rod. SuperMind is much more than a toy. It's been recognized as a valuable entertaining learning tool in 26 countries around the world from Asia to Europe to Australia and in between. SuperMind expands and extends the basic MightyMind logic building system. It develops advanced spatial recognition skills as well as hand-eye-coordination skills. It’s become one of the top 5 essential toys, because it launches a child’s advanced thinking skills. Playing with it builds a solid foundation for acquiring more complex language, math and STEM related skills. SuperMind has 30 numbered puzzles arranged in a scientifically designed linear program. A child is lead step by step, beginning with very simple puzzle solutions that slowly become amazingly complex challenges. Kids get ”glued” to it and become totally absorbed as they play. Confidence is built one small step at a time and success feels good. Kids develop logical thinking skills without competitive pressure as they play alone. When SuperMind originated way back in 1979, it was based on B.F. Skinner’s (the Harvard behaviorist) development of linear programming. The object was to develop an activity toy that would entertain, build a child’s confidence & self-esteem and lay a solid foundation for a child’s acquisition of essential fundamental skills. Children that have successfully completed the basic MightyMind pathway, or have developed sufficient logical thinking skills, can expand their abilities with SuperMind. No reading or language is required. The SuperMind activity set includes 32 unique, colorful, geometrically proportional design shapes, & a cotton storage bag and 30 puzzles.

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