Lyca Mobile Triple Cut SIM Card with $19 Month Unlimited International Plan. Nano / Micro / Standard LycaMobile 4G LTE SIM Card All in One Prefunded Preloaded Activation Kit($19 Monthly Plan)

Spartan Technologies

$ 13.36 

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It is a try cut sim card and you can use for any phone and your time will not start until you activate the sim card. You must check the service covarage on AH Prepid website before you buy this sim card and you must have T mobile unlocked GSM handset to use this sim card. You must activate the sim card at our website to get this deal


  • Please check T-Mobile coverage in your area prior to purchase. These SIMs will work with any 4G T-Mobile or 4G GSM Unlocked phone only and will not work with any 3G or older phones.
  • SIM comes in standard SIM size with perforations for the micro and nano SIM sizes.
  • These SIMs are intended for new Lycamobile customers and porting of existing Lycamobile phone numbers is not allowed and may render the SIM void.
  • Instructions on how to activate the SIM and an unlock code will be on the SIM. Please follow these instructions.
  • Spartan Technologies is a Lycamobile Authorized dealer.

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