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There’s so much fun to be had with Littlest Pet Shop families! Collect 4 different animal families for a neighborhood of pets. The black-and-white cat family includes mommy cat pet (Glossy Felinsky #319), daddy cat pet (Inkwell Felinksky #320), and 3 little kittens (Lara Felinsky #321, Corazon Felinsky #322, Coalson Felinsky #323). The baboon family includes daddy baboon pet (Beardley Baboon #324), who’s busy taking care of his babies (Breezy Baboon #325, Impley Baboon #326). The sweet bear family is moving in, too, with mama bear (Odessa Orso #327) and her cubs (Owen Orso #328, Olin Orso #329). And the dog family is howling into the neighborhood with daddy dog (Pilot Pawsdale #330) and his 2 puppies (Nura Pawsdale #331, Arran Pawsdale #332). This super special set of 5 pets and 9 pet friends makes a great addition or start to any Littlest Pet Shop collection. Deco Bits pieces, emoji bubbles, and stickers add to the storytelling fun. Kids can bring their pets to life in the LPS Your World app. Once the app is launched, simply hold the pet and scan the code to unlock it in the game! Play activities, track a collection or favorite pets to collect, and complete goals to earn rewards, all while decorating and designing the coolest Littlest Pet Shop world, digitally! Available at least through June 30, 2018. Not compatible with prior apps, earlier LPS pets, or current LPS smaller pets. Littlest Pet Shop Your World app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and select Android devices. Updates may affect compatibility. Check for availability, compatibility, and instructions. In-app purchases available. Not available in all languages or markets. Littlest Pet Shop and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Four pet families make a great start or addition to any LPS collection
  • Customize pets with accessories and Deco Bits pieces
  • Emoji bubbles and stickers help create pet-family stories
  • Includes 5 pets, 9 pet friends, 6 Deco Bits pieces, 2 emoji bubbles, and a sticker sheet.

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