Little Kids PJ Masks Catboy Cat-Car Bubble Blower Vehicle with 4oz of Bubble Solution Toy, Blue

Little Kids

$ 22.49 

Go into the night and save the day with the PJ masks Catboy bubble blowing cat-car. Pretend play and bubbles go hand in hand with this toy. Roar into action with the car-car while creating continuous streams of bubbles by turning the vehicles handle. This toy includes 4oz of bubble solution. Simply poor the solution into the easy to grasp base, twist onto the car, and you are ready to play. Works with any refill solution, but we suggest our famous Fubbles non-toxic premium solution for the best bubbles.


  • Power up the PJ masks catboy vehicle by turning the handle to create Continuous streams of Bubbles
  • Includes 4oz of Bubbles, and is easy to refill. Works with any bubble solution, but we suggest our fubbles non-toxic premium solution for the best bubble experience
  • The easy to grasp base is sized for little kids hands and makes this toy the perfect combination of pretend play and bubble fun.
  • Enjoy this toy in the yard, park, beach, pool, and any many other outdoor activities. Great for parent/child play also available in the gekko gekko-mobile and owlette owl glider for multi child play.
  • Ages 3 years+

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