Leisure Learning Products Think-Its Magic Math Mats 44029/39/49/59/69

Leisure Learning Products, Inc.

$ 5.95 $ 9.95


Like “magic”, Think-Its Math Mats take the drudgery out of learning math.  Using an ordinary wipe-off marker, a child writes answers to questions and checks the answers by pressing a thumb over a concealed answer box.  The child’s body heat dissolves embedded crystals and the correct answer is mysteriously revealed.  These 2-sided mats are reusable so a child can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at home, in class, or when traveling.

Sku: 44029 - Addition (upc: 0038576440296)
Sku: 44039 - Subtraction (upc: 0038576440395)
Sku: 44049 - Multiplication (upc: 0385764404944)
Sku: 44059 - Division (upc: 0038576440593)
Sku: 44069 - Complete set of all 4 (upc: 0738073440798)

Age: 3-8

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