LEGO NINJAGO Ultra Stealth Raider 70595 Childrens Toy For 9-Year-Olds


$ 99.99 $ 199.98


The Super Sonic Raider has been reinvented to become the Ultra Stealth Raider and is ready to take on Master Yang, Master Chen and Eyezorai. Jump into the cockpits with the ninja heroes and speed into battle. Swerve the snapping jaw and spring-loaded shooters of the Chenosaurus. Fire back with the awesome tank's twin 6-stud rapid shooters and 2 spring-loaded shooters, then split it into a helijet, a huge bike and 2 tread bikes to ambush the enemy. Detach the golden ninja weapons for one-on-one battles and grab Master Yang's Aero blade to claim victory! This fun toy for kids includes 7 minifigures.

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