LeapFrog LeapStart Kindergarten Activity Book: Amazing Animals and Conservation, Great Gift for Kids, Toddlers, Toy for Boys and Girls, Ages 4, 5, 6


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This interactive, activity book talks, sings and comes to life with 30+ amazing, super-fun replayable activities covering the essential kindergarten core and life skills of science and nature and conservation.


  • Explore the animal kingdom to learn about the ways animals move, communicate and more. Plus, discover how to help protect animal environments! Teaches 11 life science and conservation skills including comparing characteristics of animals, understanding human impact on habitats and more.
  • Explore the diversity of the animal kingdom like never before. Explore how animals communicate through hoots, howls and more. See the amazing senses of a wolf come alive and learn how animals use their super senses in the wild.
  • Learn animal movements and problem solve to help them complete an obstacle course based on the terrain. Identify animals based on the different types of tracks they leave behind. Discover the difference between a healthy or unhealthy reef and clean up the things that don’t belong.
  • Amazing Animals is for Level 3: Kindergarten. Perfect for ages 4-6. Works With: LeapStart Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten, LeapStart Kindergarten & 1st Grade (Sold separately.)
  • Includes 30+ replayable activities and 25+ reward stickers. Skills learned include animals, ecosystems, environmental science, and life science.

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